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Concrete Construction Cost Estimating Software


concrete construction cost estimating software for excelConcrete cost estimating is time consuming and hard. Concrete contractors need an easy and accurate software tool for building bid-winning cost estimates. Improving cost estimating efficiency translates to profits.

ConcreteCOST Estimator supports advanced features including on-screen Concrete Calculator for easy takeoff calculations.

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Metric edition is also available.

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concretecost estimator concrete estimating software
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Customizable Concrete Estimating Cost Data


For builders and contractors time is money. Save valuable time in creating accurate concrete construction cost estimates based on standard unit prices reflecting your way of doing business. That will help you gain an advantage over the competition.

ConcreteCOST Estimator comes with a built-in concrete construction cost database covering all cost categories of concrete construction such as Sitework, Formwork, Reinforcement, Concrete and Repair. You can easily customize the database to suit your cost estimating style:

  • Add new cost data or edit existing data

  • Apply your own overhead and profit factors

  • Make changes to suit the way you do business

ConcreteCOST Estimator is simple to implement and with an intuitve step-by-step interface, you will generate a complete cost estimate within minutes.


Easy to Use Yet Powerful Concrete Estimator


Designed for Microsoft Excel and improving on its capabilities, ConcreteCOST Estimator is contained completely within an Excel file with several worksheets. All you have to do is open your MS Excel program, then open the ConcreteCOST Estimator Excel file. Create your estimate and print reports. All tied to a convenient menu. It’s that easy.

ConcreteCOST Estimator generates instant, on-screen reports. Click a button to print or format as you would format any MS Excel spreadsheet file. You can use Excel's powerful data saving and exporting tools for managing and distributing your estimates in electronic format and as email attachment.


Key Benefits of ConcreteCOST Estimator

  • Convenient MS Excel based estimating

  • Customizable, flexible, built-in unit cost data

  • Works with 32-bit and 64-bit computers

  • Works with 32-bit and 64-bit installations of MS Office

  • On-screen Concrete Calculator

  • Cost data includes standard concrete cost categories

  • Modifiable overhead and profit applications

  • Summary and Detail reports including Price Quotation and Bill of Material

  • City index selection for localized cost adjustment

  • Automatically inserts your company logo to Quote report

  • Comprehensive Online Help system

  • Step-by-Step Tutorial for easy and fast learning

  • Metric edition is also available.


System Requirements for ConcreteCOST Estimator

  • Personal computer running under Windows XP/Vista/Win7/Win8/Win10

  • Microsoft Excel 2000-19, Office 360 Desktop (32-bit or 64-bit MS Office installation)

  • Compatible printer


Screens for Concrete Construction Estimating

ConcreteCOST Estimator sample screens:

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ConcreteCOST Estimator  $89.00
concretecost estimator concrete estimating software
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"ConcreteCost Estimator is based on my MS Excel and I like that. Very easy to use and quick building new concrete estimates. I use existing estimates and quickly build new one. Thanks." 
L.M. Concrete contractor


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